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In the Oil & Gas Industry 30 to 90-day pay terms are standard. These long pay terms can add "Cash Flow Stress" to growing companies.

Our specially designed Oilfield Factoring Lines can ease your stress and provide the cash you need to take advantage of this once in a lifetime Oil & Gas boom. What's more, Set-up is as easy as 1-2-3.

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Hot Shot Trucking Making News in the Oilfield:
Hot Shot Truckers, Hot Shotters, and Hot Shot Trucks Needed to Make Runs in Oilfield Hot Shot Work

An increase in Hot Shot jobs is being observed in the oilfield as oil and gas fracking companies turn to hot shot trucking to save money on specialized transport runs. One might define hot shot trucking as a one ton diesel or medium duty truck pulling a trailer and hauling a time sensitive load.

What is hot shot trucking? What is a hot shotter? Where is hot shot work found? Where are hot shot jobs available. Where are hot shot truckers needed? What is the best hot shot truck? Who makes the best hot shot trucks? What is oilfield hot shot trucking like? How can oilfield factoring help hot shot trucking companies with financial services? What is good hot shot rate? What is good hot shot pay?

Please continue reading for a hot shot trucking definition courtesy of TCI Oilfield Factoring. Information on TCI Oilfield Factoring can be found at www.tcioilfieldfactoring.com or by calling 800.707.4845. Let #1 Rated for Oilfield Factoring, TCI Oilfield Factoring, help your Hot Shot Trucking and Oilfield Trucking company get cash today.

hot shot trucking
1. Also called hot shotting, hot shot carrier trucking, LTL (Lighter than Truck Load), refers to a truck smaller than the usual semi-truck and trailer used for hauling loads, often in the oilfield.
2. hot shot trucking usually consists of a dual-wheeled pickup truck powered by a diesel engine, that is set-up to haul a 40ft gooseneck trailer. Hot shot trucks are sometimes commercial-for-hire motor carriers that transport freight. Hot shot truckers can be independent owner-operators or they may be leased to a larger trucking company

In oilfield tool or equipment manufacturing, the facility may have a light load that need to be shipped, but does not require a full-sized tractor-trailer. In these cases, the equipment manufacturer may contract with a hot shot trucking company to deliver the load, saving money on shipping in the process. There is a hot shot trucking weight limit. Hot shot trucks normally haul hot shot loads (LTL) at a gross weight of 36,000 pounds or less.

Hot shot trucking is used in the oilfield for its versatility. Hot shot trucking is used to haul a variety of load types and hot shot trucks are capable of operating over terrain where the use of a full-sized semi-trailer would be difficult. Hot shot trucks are able to travel anywhere normal sized semi-trailers can travel as long as they have the required licensing and operating authority. Hot shot trucks are governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Hot Shotters seeking hot shot work or hot shot jobs may have the most luck in the fracking oil and gas hot spots. Job listings for hot shot work can be found in the Bakken Shale Formation, the Barnett Shale, the Eagle Ford Shale, the Fayetteville Shale, the Haynesville Shale, the Marcellus Shale, and the Utica Shale, among many other shale plays found throughout the U.S. Hot shot trucking is often needed in Texas, New Mexico and North Dakota. Additionally, hot shot work is often found in Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Pennsylvania.

TCI Oilfield Factoring is the Oilfield Factoring division of TCI Business Capital. Since 1994, we have provided "Best in Class" Oilfield Factoring solutions to thousands of small to mid-size companies all across North America. To find out why so many hot shot trucking companies and hot shot truckers have partnered with TCI Oilfield Factoring, please call 800.707.4845. TCI Oilfield Factoring is reaching out to hot shot truckers and hot shot trucking companies to offer a line of financial business solutions. We customize our Oilfield Factoring lines to the needs of your hot shot trucking business, easing your financial stress and providing you the cash you need now.

Not since the oil boom of the 1970s has there been a chance to grow a hot shot trucking business in the oilfield industry. Oil and gas hydraulic fracturing is providing the opportunity for trucking companies to expand their hot shot trucking line of business and meet growing demand in the oilfield. Let us consider some examples of opportunities for the type of hot shot trucking performed in the oilfield.

Hot shot trucking is used for running well drilling tools from their place of manufacture to oilfield well sites. In the oilfield, down time costs are a huge expense that oilfield companies try to avoid. When equipment is down, hot shot truckers are used to transport damaged tools or equipment. Hot shot trucks are used in rig to rig and well to well runs. Hot shot trucking in the oilfield includes hauling directional drilling mud motors, drill collards, drill pipe, rig parts, mud pump parts, drill line, pipe tongs, kelly hose, and rotary table parts. Hot shot trucking provides hot shot truckers with a variety of work. Hot shot truckers are usually drawn to hot shot jobs for the excitement of the oilfield trucking industry.

We at TCI Oilfield Factoring hope that this article has been informative. Grow your hot shot trucking business now. Let TCI Oilfield Factoring help. Hot shot truckers call 800.707.4845 or request a quote online at www.tcioilfieldfactoring.com to find out about the many services TCI Oilfield Factoring can provide in order to help your business achieve its goals. At TCI Oilfield Factoring, we know that the costs of operating a successful hot shot trucking company can be stressful. Having to wait 30 to 90 days for your invoices to be paid is a stress that TCI Oilfield Factoring can eliminate from your hot shot trucking business operations. TCI Oilfield Factoring is partnering with businesses throughout the oilfield. Call 800.707.4845 for more information on TCI Oilfield Factoring services.

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