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Oilfield Factoring works for you
Oilfield factoring supplies the cash to run your business.

How Oilfield Factoring Works

Oilfield Factoring is Simple, Straightforward, and Reliable

Oilfield factoring is an extremely simple and straightforward process. By eliminating the red tape of traditional lending practices, we are able to get our clients the essential capital they need as quickly as possible.

Here’s how it works: You send us the invoices you would normally send to your customers, we pay you for them the same day, then we collect the payment from your clients. It’s that easy.

Getting set up with an oilfield factoring agreement is a simple, three-step process.

Step 1) Get A Quote

Give us a call and we’ll connect you with one of our Oil and Gas Factoring specialists. After a few questions, they will offer you a free, no-obligation quote. Our underwriting guidelines allow most customers to receive approval in 30 minutes or less, meaning you will have your answer as soon as possible.

Step 2) Submit Invoices and Related Documents

Once you have approval, we can immediately schedule your first funding. We can accommodate almost any timetable, and even offer an expedited service for those that have an immediate need for a cash infusion. During this process, your factoring specialist will walk you through the agreement and have you send in all the necessary documents along with the invoices.

Step 3) Get Paid

That’s it! Once you are set up, we will either wire or ACH the money directly into your account, whichever you prefer. From here on out, you can simply send us your invoices without having to worry about a delay in customer payment ever again. You can operate your business confident in the knowledge that we will always pay you the same day we receive your invoices for the duration of the agreement.

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The Advantages of Oilfield Factoring for Your Business

  1. Simplicity. Both collecting invoices and traditional lending can be complicated and time-consuming. Partnering with us to provide invoice factoring for your company will provide you with the most efficient and easy-to-use solution for creating a stream of reliable capital.
  2. Immediacy. Not having to wait for up to three months for payment can help your business plan better for both current challenges and future opportunities.
  3. Debt-Free. Factoring keeps your business from having to increase its debt, while still getting the cash it needs to operate at its fullest.

Why Factoring with TCI Oilfield Factoring Makes Sense

TCI Business Capital has spent over 20 years serving companies all across North America in a range of industries and situations. This invaluable experience means we have the knowledge and expertise that makes of the best choice when choosing a factoring company to partner with. TCI Business Capital has customized factoring programs, designed to meet the unique cash flow needs of each client. From cash flow to service and success, TCI Business Capital makes sense.