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Speed Up Your Cash Flow
Factoring for Oilfield Service Companies Provides Instant Cash

Factoring for Oilfield Service Companies

Who Factoring Benefits

Factoring benefits companies in a wide variety of industries. Accounts-receivables factoring is more often than not the best choice for businesses that need a reliable flow of income. Companies use factoring to guarantee a consistent revenue stream that maintains the financial stability of their business. Meeting payroll, adding equipment, paying bills, or taking on new work all require a business to have cash at the ready, and the slow payment cycle of conventional billing methods often restrict a company’s ability to perform these essential functions. Specifically, companies paid on a term basis will benefit significantly from factoring. Waiting 30, 60, or even 90 days for payment is a huge disadvantage that many companies can’t afford.

Factoring is also beneficial when traditional financing isn’t an option. Receiving bank loans and lines of credit can sometimes be difficult, and even once obtained these methods of increasing immediate cash also increase the debt of the business, which many companies would prefer to avoid. TCI eliminates both of these problems by offering accounts-receivable factoring options that are custom tailored to each company’s unique situation, regardless of their current balance sheet.

TCI Oilfield Factoring

Factoring Benefits from Industry Experience

Every industry has its own distinct way of doing business. The best course of action for Company A is almost always different than for Company B, and treating them the same would be a disservice to both. TCI Business Capital has over 20 years experience providing factoring services for companies working in a wide array of industries and trades. The knowledge and understanding of “how things work” in each of these specialized fields help TCI Business Capital benefit their clients in many more ways than simply providing a reliable cash flow. TCI Business Capital also has several value-added services designed to help clients meet their unique business goals.

The truth is that every business is a people business, and TCI Business Capital’s work through the years has resulted in close relationships with major companies across a variety of industries. These relationships, along with TCI’s sterling reputation, serves our clients well in ways other factoring companies simply can’t. Additionally, TCI Business Capital highly values our relationship with our customer’s clients. Our interactions with client customers are of the utmost importance, and TCI always acts professionally and in the best interest of our clients in every exchange with their customers.

To learn more about how factoring can benefit your company, and why it is the right decision for your business call TCI Business Capital at (800) 707-4845 or contact us now.