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Stop Waiting On Customer Payment
Get Cash for Bills, Payroll & More

Factoring for Oilfield Suppliers

Stop Waiting To Get Paid

The factoring specialists at TCI Business Capital are experts in the oilfield supply and construction industry where 30 to 90 day pay terms are standard. This wide window of payment scheduling can create enormous amounts of financial stress on a business. The availability of a consistent, manageable cash flow is essential to operating a successful company, and without a consistent cash flow, many companies struggle to met the daily financial needs of running a business. Factoring for oilfield trucking companies is an effective financing solution for solving the problem of a slow or inconsistent cash flow. By using factoring and the creating a steady, persistent stream of revenue, companies can meet their daily need for capital and use the money to grow into a strong, successful company without going through traditional lending and increasing their debt.

Immediate Access to Cash

Our factoring lines are incredibly easy to set up and can ease that stress by allowing you to immediately access the capital that is tied up in your accounts receivables. Few things are more frustrating than having much-needed income being held up by a slow-paying customer. Factoring through TCI Business Capital completely removes that concern. As a result, you will have the working capital you need to get caught up on bills, pay owner operators on time and make any equipment purchases necessary to take advantage of this once in a life time oil & gas boom.

Straightforward & Simple Setup

TCI Business Capital makes it a point to keep our underwriting guidelines straightforward and simple, so that many of our clients can receive written approval in 30 minutes or less. Approval is based on the credit of your customers, not your own which is an important distinction. This way, new start-ups who might not have the credit history required are just as able to get access to our factoring lines as established companies that have been in the Oilfield Supply and Construction business for 20 years. If you happen to be one of those longstanding companies, TCI Business Capital is in a unique position to help you as well. If you are looking to expand, having access to immediate cash is invaluable. Every period of growth comes with its own unique challenges and opportunities and by taking advantage of Oilfield Factoring, you ensure your company is never stuck waiting for the money it needs right now. In today’s fast-paced business environment, being flexible and agile with your spending and cash flow is absolutely essential to survive and thrive.